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Youth Tobacco Use in North Dakota

In North Dakota we have seen the rates of youth smoking and smokeless tobacco use decline. However, e-cigarettes and vapes have undone the years of  heard work in tobacco prevention and protecting youth from a lifelong addiction to nicotine.

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Youth Education

Hands on activities can play a key role in preventing youth tobacco use and initiation.  LENDING LIBRARY
To promote education in the area of tobacco facts and prevention, The Tobacco Prevention office at the Bismarck Burleigh Public Health Unit has developed a lending library of videos, books, props, and curricula available free of charge to schools and community organizations. Items can be checked out for up to teo weeks. Click HERE to view the items available for you to check out!

Youth Advocacy

For years the tobacco industry has targeted young people by using bright colored packaging, candy and fruit flavors, and advertising their products on media platforms frequently used by youth. Even though the products have changed throughout the years, these slick tactics remain the same.

CLICK HERE for a variety of activites YOU can do in your school or community to educate your peers about the dangers of tobacco use and the importance of comprehensive tobacco-free policy to prvent youth tobacco use and a lifetime of addiction to nicotine.

bf youth movement logoBREAK FREE YOUTH MOVEMENT
Break Free is North Dakota's 100% authentic youth movement made up of middle and high school students from across the state. These students work cllectively to educate their peers and community members on tobacco prevention issues that affect their school, community, and state. For more information about how you or your young people can get involved CLICK HERE.

group photoThe Break Free Youth Action Summits are held every year in Bismarck and Fargo ND. At the summit's middle and high school students are given the opportunity to learn from a national speaker about tobacco prevention policy and skills to be a successful youth advocate.

For more information about the Youth Action Summit nearest you visit .