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Youth Action Summit

Source: Tobacco Free North Dakota

Youth Action Summit 2024

Save the Date

Cost is FREE and covered by Tobacco Free North Dakota (TFND).
There is no charge to attend the Youth Action Summit!

October 8: Bismarck, Civic Center
  • Registration (Bismarck)
October 9: Fargo, Avalon Events Center
  • Registration (Fargo)

Model Release Form, Parent Letter & Adminstration Letter

This is a required consent form for the Youth Action Summit, and is applicable to all youth participation in activities.

Here is the Parent Letter - TBD
  • Bismarck Parent Letter
  • Fargo Parent Letter

Here is a Administration Letter - TBD
  • Bismarck Adminstration Letter
  • Fargo Administration Letter

Here is the Agenda - TBD
  • Bismarck Youth Action Summit
  • Fargo Youth Action Summit

Who Should Attend?

North Dakota youth and young people in middle and high school who are passionate about making positive impacts in their school, community, and state to prevent the next generation from a lifelong addiction to nicotine.

What others have said...

"The Youth Action Summit provides me with tangible information and opportunities to advocate a tobacco-free lifestyle within my community"
- Erynn | 4x Summit Attendee | High School Senior from Bismarck 

“The Youth Summit was a great opportunity to bring youth and adults together to learn about the tobacco industry marketing tactics, hear from North Dakota legislators and creatively share messages with each other in a fun-filled environment. We hope to bring  more students to next year’s Summit.”

                                                           - Julie Ferry MS, RN | Nelson-Griggs District Health Unit

Bismarck & Fargo 2023 Youth Action Summit Photos

Questions? Reach Out to Us!

For questions regarding the Fall 2024 Break Free Youth Action Summit, please contact:

Break Free Youth Action Summit - Bismarck      

   Alexis Raymond, Tobacco Prevention Specialist        

Youth Action Summit - Fargo
   Abby Lange, Community Health Educator 
   Phone: 701.241.8576

   Doreen Odera, Community Health Educator
   Phone: 701.241.8515
North Dakota Department of Health
Abby Erickson, Community Programs Coordinator
Division of Community Health Systems
Phone: 701.328.3337

Tobacco Free North Dakota
Heather Austin, Executive Director
Phone: 701.527.2811