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BBPH Tobacco Prevention Lending Library

To promote education in the area of tobacco facts and prevention, the Substance Abuse Prevention Program at Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health has developed a lending library of videos, books, and displays. Available items are listed below, free of charge to Bismarck and Burleigh County area schools and community organizations. These items were either purchased using grant funding or donated to our program.

How to check out an item:

Items may be checked out from the Lending Library for up to two weeks. To check out an item email Jordyn Schaefbauer, Tobacco Prevention Specialist, at or call 701.355.1595.

 VISUAL AIDS & DISPLAYS                                                            

abcs of smoking
The ABC's of Smoking

(Flip Chart)
This flip chart uses the "ABC's" to show and explain the diseases caused by smoking. Also available in Spanish.
smoking display
Consequences of Smoking 
(Foldout Display)
Fold out display with cast models of the physical consequences of smoking like bronchitis, burns, cancer, etc. 
lung death
Death of a Lung

Casts from real specimens. This display illustrates a normal lung, lung with emphysema, and a lung with cancer.
Dirty Water Bottles 

E-cigarettes contain a lot of the same chemicals as combustible cigarettes and have been around for less than 20 years. Use this display to compare the chemicals in e-cigarettes to the chemicals in combustible cigarettes. Would students still drink dirty water even if it wasn't "As Dirty" as the bottle next to it? Or would they rather drink clean water?
secondhand smoke foldout
Effects & Hazards of Secondhand Smoke 

(Foldout Display)
People don’t always realize that the smoke produced by a burning cigarette is deadly. This folding display points out that secondhand smoke puts non-smokers at risk for developing serious health conditions and diseases.
Freeze Dried Lung Display

This is a model of real freeze dried lungs that were donated. The lungs displayed are: of healthy lungs, and smokers lungs that died from both early stage and complete stage of emphysema.
giant cigarette display
Giant Cigarette Display

Large plastic cigarette shows students the chemicals in cigarettes. 
gross mouth
Mr. Gross Mouth

A model of the teeth, tongue, and oral cavity showing the effects of smokeless tobacco (chew). 
ciggy butts cosume
Mr. Ciggy Butts Costume

Life size cigarette butt costume for students/adults to wear.
phlem jar
Clem's Phlegm Jar

Shows the nasty consequences of smoking. This sealed jar contains about 2 cups of phlegm. This is how much a smoker with emphysema or COPD would cough up each day.
copd foldout
What You Should Know About COPD

(Foldout Display)
This display provides information about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It shows the risks factors, symptoms, diagnosing and treatment as well as living with COPD.
flip chart1
Smokeless Tobacco: A Chemical Timebomb

(Flip Chart)
This flip chart highlights the dangers of smokeless tobacco, including deadly mouth cancers, severe dental problems, and dangerous heart conditions.
smokeless tobacco foldout
Smokeless Tobacco: Spit It Out!

(Foldout Display)
This display graphically illustrates smokeless tobacco’s negative effects on health and physical appearance.
Tar Jar

This sealed jar contains a cigarette package and cigarette butts submerged in gooey "tar" representing the amount of tar that smoking a pack per day for one year would put in your lungs.


 VIDEOS: Grades 5-Adult                                                                

120,000 Lives a Year: The Case Against Smoking in Movies
Centers for Tobacco Control Research & Education ©2005
Audience: Grades 7-12
Description: This video provides information about the influence of smoking in movies; discussing everything from the history, science, and policy.
All You Need to Know About Tobacco in 17 Minutes 
Human Relations Media; 17 minutes. ©2011
Audience: Grades 5– 9
Description: This video covers all the bases. Teaching viewers about the dangers of tobacco smoke, smokeless tobacco, and the tobacco industries marketing tactics. Doctors share information about the power of nicotine addiction. Young former smokers also share their difficulities with quitting. 
Addiction Incorporated
Variance Films; 1 hr 40 min ©2011
Audience: PG; Grades 4—12
Description: This is the intriguing story of scientist, Victor DeNoble's, discovery of the addictive ingrediant in tobacco. Opening up a box of worms and revealing the tobacco industries secrets to the public. This creates an unexpected alliance, all leading up to the first federal regulation of the tobacco industry.
Blowing Away
Blowing Away Big Tobacco's Lies
New Mexico Media Literacy Project ©2003
Audience: Grades 6-12 and Adult
Description: A compliation of more than 250 examples of tobacco product pictures and movie clips.
enough snuffEnough Snuff: A Video Program to Help American Indians Quit Spit Tobacco (DVD)
ETR Associates; 26 minutes. ©2010
Audience: High School-Adults
Description: A guide to help American Indians quit smokeless tobacco. This video features interviews with American Indians from the Pacific Northwest tribes.
toxic lifecycle
The Toxic Life Cycle of a Cigarette
Human Relations Media; 17 min ©2015
Audience: Grades 7-College
Description: Learn about the manufacturing of cigarettes, chemicals that are added, consumption, and how cigarettes (the most littered item) are disposed of.
merchants of doubt
Merchants of Doubt
Sony Pictures; 93min (Tobacco section 2:30min-16:30min)
Audience: High School - Adults
Description: A dive into public health threats like Big Tobacco companies, pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals, and even climate change.
media sharpMedia Sharp - Analyzing Tobacco & Alcohol Messages (DVD)
Centers for Disease Control; 7min
Audience: Educators/Community Leaders who work with middle and high school youth
Description: Teaching youth educators and community leaders to critically analyze alcohol and tobacco advertisements through activities and interactive learning.
whats up
What's Up with E-Cigarettes
Human Relations Media; 19 minutes. ©2012
Audience: Grades 7-12 and Adults
Description: This video provides students with facts about e-cigarettes and the harmful effects of nicotine addiction. Students will also learn about the tobacco industry marketing tactics used to hook users for life.
smokeless tobacco marketingSmokeless...NOT Harmless: Understanding the World Marketing of Smokeless Tobacco (DVD)
Centers for Disease Control; 5 minutes. ©2009

Audience: High School - Adults
Description: A look back at the different tactics used to sell smokeless tobacco and counter marketing taking place to get the truth out.
secrets through the smoke
Secrets Through the Smoke

Centers for Disease Control; 55min 
Audience: Middle & High School Students
Description: This video discusses CDC Best Practices for Toabcco Prevention and can also be used as a training with policy makers and nonprofit health organizations. 
tobacco effects on the brain
This is Your Brain on Tobacco: A Research Update

Human Relations Media;16min ©2009
Audience: Grades 7-College
Description: This video takes audiences indiside a brain lab to show the effects of nicotine use on the brain. Interviews with teen tobacco users and a neuroscientist.
vaping video
VAPING: More Dangerous than you Think

Human Relations Media; 21 min ©2015
Audience: Grades 7- College
Description: This video covers the dangers of vaping nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, and other substances as well as interviews with teens and medical professionals.

 BOOKS: Grades-College                                                                

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Habit

Audience: Grades K-2
Description: Habbits are hard to break and many kids don't know or understand what a habit is. This Berenstain Bears book explains the difference between a good habit and a bad habbit and helpful ways to break a bad habit.
kid book
Smoking Stinks!! By Kim Gosselin

Audience: Grades 1-3
Description: Maddys Grandpa is a smoker and his smoking is making her allergies worse not to mention his coughing is keeping her up all night. Maddy decides to do her school health report on smoking and talks to her grandpa. 
tobacco politics
Tobacco: Biology and Politics, 3rd Edition

Audience: Grades9-12
Description: This youth focused booklet discusses the history of tobacco, the effects it has on your body, and the damage it can cause. 
*23 Copies Available
tobacco atlas
The Tobacco Atlas, 2nd Edition

Dr. Judith Mackay, Dr. Michael Eriksen and Dr. Omar Shafey
Published by the American Cancer Sociaty ©2006
Audience: Grades 9-12 & Adult
Description: Tobacco is more than a health issue, it involves governments, economies, businesses, politics, and crimes. This book provides a wide variety of evidence-based information on tobacco.
*4 Copies Available
smoke damage
Smoke Damage by Michael Schwalbe

Description: Intervies and photos about people whoes lives have been affected by tobacco.
*7 Copies Available
You Are The Target: Big Tobacco: Lies, Scams - Now the Truth by Kim Lovell

Description: An indepth look at Big Tobaccos lies and deception throughout the years. Quotes directly from the tobacco industry themselves and how their devious work has burried millions and created generations of individuals addicted to nicotine.
*2 Copies Available