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North Dakota’s smoke free law requires proprietors to post smoke-free signage. Signage templates are available at the links below.

The following templates are available:
• DOOR DECAL: 4” X 5”
• PAPER SIGN: 8” X 5.25”
• VEHICLE SIGNS: 2.5” X 1.5” 
  (Optional: vehicle sign is no longer required under N.D.C.C.

Proprietors are not required to use these templates and can design their own "no smoking" signs or post the international no smoking symbol in that place. In addition, the law does not specify a signage size requirement.

To read more about the signage requirements go to N.D.C.C. Responsibility of proprietors.

Signage Templates

4x5 inches Window/Door Decal 

4x5 inches Window/Door Apartment Decal

5.25x8.5 inches Indoor Sign

1.5x3 inches Vehicle Decal
(Vehicle signage is available but no longer required under N.D.C.C.