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Tobacco is still a problem in North Dakota.

Tobacco companies are after our kids and it’s working.
  • 90% of smokers start smoking by their 18th birthday.
  • Every year, 300 North Dakota kids become daily, addicted smokers.
  • Currently, 4,500 North Dakota High School kids smoke.
  • 22.3% of North Dakota kids use e-cigarettes - twice the amount of the national average. 

Good Parenting is Not Enough.


14000_Deaths_Toe_Tag.jpgSmoking kills people. We know this. But since dead people can't smoke, tobacco companies have to find a replacement for every person they kill. Their favorite replacements are kids.

Of all the young people who become new smokers each year, almost a third will die from it:
  • Kids now under 18 who will ultimately die prematurely from smoking: 14,000
  • Adults who die each year from their own smoking: 1,000


DollarSign.jpgTobacco costs us all, even if you don’t smoke. We all pay in death, health care costs, taxes, and lost productivity. North Dakota smoking-caused monetary costs include:
  • Annual health care costs directly caused by smoking: $326 million
  • Medicaid costs caused by smoking: $56.9 million
  • Residents' state & federal tax burden from smoking-caused government expenditures: $746 per household
  • Smoking-caused productivity losses: $232.6 million


Get Informed


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