Tobacco Prevention Coordinators
Kailee Dvorak
Phone: 701.787.8124

Haley Thorson
Phone: 701.787.8135

Sarah Odegard
Phone: 701.787.8140

Grand Forks Public Health Department
151 S 4th St., Suite N301
Grand Forks, ND 58201-4735

Grand Forks Success Story



The Grand Forks Tobacco-Free Coalition (GFTFC) is a group of citizens working together to create and promote a healthier, tobacco-free community through education, legislation and enforcement of polices. It is made up of community members who are passionate about making their community a healthier place to live, work, and play. 

GFTFC Membership:

Altru Health System
American Lung Association
American Cancer Society
Grand Forks Air Force Base (Health and Wellness Center)
Grand Forks Police Department
Grand Forks Public Health Department
Polk County Public Health Department
Tobacco Free North Dakota
University of North Dakota
Valley Community Health Centers
Valley Health
Several Community Members/Supporters

Past GFTFC Policy Successes:
Youth Access Ordinance 1995
(GF City Code Section 9-0217)

Tobacco Retailer Licensing 1995, 2014, 2015
(GF City Code Section 21-2801 through 21-2808)

Smoke-Free Workplace and Public Place Ordinance 2005, 2010, 2012
(GF City Code Section 13-1101 through 13-1106)

GF E-Cigarette Ordinance 2014, 2015 (See Youth Access Ordinance Above)

The GFTFC has also assisted in the development of several 'non-law' policies such as Comprehensive Tobacco Free School Policies, Tobacco-Free Grounds Policies, Ask-Advise-Refer Policies within Local Healthcare Agencies (to assist with assessing clients for tobacco use and cessation referrals), etc.  All of which assist the community of Grand Forks in establishing a tobacco-free norm.

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