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Sep 18 2019

CNN will no longer allow advertisements from Juul and other e-cigarette brands following national concerns over a mysterious illness that has affected individuals using vaping products.

Several network sources told The Daily Beast that during a Tuesday town-hall meeting with CNN employees, network head Jeff Zucker was asked about the company’s advertising contract with e-cigarette brand Juul Labs. According to sources, Zucker told staff that the network will not allow Juul or other vaping brands to purchase advertisements going forward.

A CNN spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Beast on Friday that the company will end all e-cigarette ads, but will leave the door open to reversing course if research shows vaping products were not harmful. 

“Given the recent news reports of serious illnesses and deaths linked to the product category and the subsequent warnings from the CDC, the AMA and the American Lung Association to consumers, CNN has revised its policies regarding e-cigarette advertising, and will not air ads in this category effective immediately,” the spokesperson said. “We will continue to monitor the investigations by relevant medical agencies and may re-evaluate our position as new facts come to light.”

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