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Oct 09 2019

Montana is placing a temporary ban on the sales of flavored electronic cigarettes and vaping products.

Gov. Steve Bullock said Tuesday the ban will run from Oct. 22 through Feb. 19 while officials investigate the cause of the vaping-related deaths and illnesses being reported nationwide and decide how to respond to it.

At least 18 people have died and more than 1,000 people have been sickened due to vaping-related illnesses. State officials say two cases have been confirmed in Montana, one person from Gallatin County and another from Yellowstone County.

Six other states also have taken steps to ban some e-cigarette products.

State health officials plan to file emergency rules Tuesday that will allow implementation of the ban for 120 days, the maximum time allowed under law.

“Young Montanans are using e-cigarettes at an alarming rate, while officials investigate the possible causes of a national outbreak of e-cigarette-related injury and death, leaving us at a crossroads,” Governor Bullock said. “Today, I choose action.”

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