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Dec 11 2020

We know COVID-19 thrives on those who have pre-existing health issues. One thing the president of the American Health Association wants Detroiters to know is this:

"if you smoke or if you Vape, that puts you at a greater risk for severe COVID-19 disease," said Dr. Susan Bailey. "Now could not be a better time to quit."

Dr. Bailey says the bottom line is this: Smoking damages your lung tissue even if you don't feel it or know it. That puts you at greater risk because the lungs are the biggest target of Covid. But it's not just cigarettes.

A recent study came out of Stanford University that showed that teens, kids that smoke E-cigarettes are more likely to get COVID-19 and have severe problems," she said. "You would not think that they would have much lung disease yet, but it does definitely seem to be a problem. It is very clear that smoking, Vaping, and COVID-19 are a terrible combination."

And if you don't quit for yourself think about second-hand smoke and your loved ones who have to be around it.

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