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Nov 20 2019

The American Medical Association and the state of New York put vaping companies on notice Tuesday in the wake of President Donald Trump's apparent retreat from federal action against flavored electronic cigarettes.

More than two months after saying he would ban flavored vaping products other than menthol and tobacco and facing heavy opposition, Trump has not said what – if anything – he plans to do.

His administration says the rule-making process is "ongoing," but vaping advocates, who expected the ban by now, say they think it is on hold while the administration considers its next steps. The Washington Post and New York Times reported over the weekend Trump was convinced to back off from the plan because he could lose voters in 2020.  

"In critical respects, he is getting bad political advice and bad public health advice," said Matthew Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. A flavor ban "won’t cost him votes, but backing down probably will because only 3.2% of Americans use e-cigarette products and a lot more parents are terrified about the effect on their kids, and they vote, too." 

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