NDQuits_logo_URL_Phone.jpgThere is more than one way to quit tobacco. No single method of quitting works for everyone. NDQuits offers several FREE options so you can find the way that works best for you. All NDQuits services include free counseling, advice and support and free nicotine replacement products for those who qualify.

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Benefits of Quitting
The best cure for addiction is prevention. You'll never have to quit if you don't start. But if you do use tobacco, the benefits of quitting start immediately – in fact, within just minutes. You'll be healthier with every hour, day, week, month and year that you stay tobacco-free. Here's how you'll start getting healthier when you quit:

• 20 minutes: your blood pressure decreases, heart rate returns to normal, and the temperature of your hands and feet increases

• 2 hours: the nicotine in your system is significantly lower

• 8 hours: the level of oxygen in your blood increases to normal as carbon monoxide level drops

• 24 hours: your risk of a heart attack has already decreased

• 48 hours: your sense of smell and taste improve

• 2 to 4 days: nicotine by-products are gone from your system

• 2 – 9 weeks: coughing and shortness of breath decrease, circulation improves

• 3 months: fertility improves, for both men and women

• 1 year: your risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker. You’ll see improvement in your skin and gums due to the increased levels of oxygen

• 5 years: your risk of lung cancer drops by half. You’ve also reduced your risk of numerous other cancers.

• 5 – 15 years: your risk of a stroke is the same as someone who never smoked

• 10 years: your risk of coronary disease is the same as someone who never smoked