2300 percent Tobacco Industry Comparison Spending ChartTobacco Industry Dollars Spent
Big Tobacco means Big Money. Each year, the tobacco industry spends $9.5 billion marketing its products in the US. That’s over 23 million dollars a day or about one million dollars every hour! In North Dakota alone, the tobacco industry spends 34.1 million dollars per year.

81% of kids who ever used tobacco products started with a flavored product

The most vulnerable members of our society – children – are more susceptible to advertising as well. Studies have shown that kids are three times as sensitive to tobacco advertising as adults.

Big Tobacco also means big political expenditures:

• Over $1.8 million annually to federal candidates, political parties and PACs
• In 2014 the tobacco industry spent $22.0 million lobbying Congress

Source: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

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