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Haley Thorson Honored for Smoke-free Advocacy
Haley Thorson has always been determined to make a positive difference in people’s
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Are Your Kids Going Back to a Tobacco-free School?
As kids headed back to school across North Dakota, research shows many of them may
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Study Finds Half of E-Cigarette Liquid Nicotine Labels in North Dakota Are Not Accurate
A recent study funded by the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control
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Tobacco's Toll in North Dakota
  • Adults who die each year due to their own smoking: 1000
  • Kids under 18 who become new daily smokers each year: 300
  • Annual healthcare costs caused by smoking: $326 million
  • Yearly tax burden from smoking-caused government expenditures: $795 per household
  • Smoking-caused productivity losses: $232.6 million each year
  • Annual tobacco industry marketing expenditures in North Dakota: $34.1 million
Source: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

This year 300 North Dakota Kids will become addicted smokers.